Editorial: What do you know about the Turner Job Corps Center?

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Did you know, out of 123 Job Corps Centers in the U.S., Turner Job Corps Center is the fourth largest and is contracted to provide training to 732 youth from ages 16-24?

Did you know Turner Job Corps Center offers 12 career technical training program, which include asphalt paving (basic and advanced), bricklaying, carpentry, heavy equipment mechanic with a national average salary starting at $45,000, plastering, facilities maintenance, welding, culinary arts, landscaping, administrative medical assistant, nurse assistant/home health aide, & office administration?

Did you know Turner Job Corps Center offers limitless work-based learning opportunities with students completing over 2,000 hours of community service?

Did you know Turner Job Corps Center partners with local school systems, education institutions, government agencies and community leaders?

Do you know the ultimate success of the Job Corps graduate depends on how well the program meets the training needs of local and regional businesses?

Without employer support and input, Job Corps would not be the success it is.

There are many ways for employers to get involved, such as membership on the center's community relations council to strategize how the center and community can work together, membership on the center's industry council to review training curriculum in order to make Job Corps training program relevant in today's job market, volunteering your time and talent as a guest speaker, mentor, or tutor, providing an internship experience to students who need to apply the skills they've learned and hiring a qualified Job Corps graduate at a competitive wage (qualifies for a federal targeted jobs tax credit).

Do you know Turner Job Corps Center is ready and willing to work with you? Are you ready and willing to work with us?

Now that you're in-the-know, find out how you fit, partner, investor, employer, supporter or student.

Contact the Turner Job Corps Center at 2000 Schilling Avenue in Albany at (229) 883-8500.

Our hands are ready to join with yours. Let's do this.

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