Jury returns mixed verdicts in Albany murder trial

Jury returns mixed verdicts in Albany murder trial

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A Dougherty Co. jury has returned mixed verdicts for an Albany woman who on been trial for the 2016 death of her boyfriend.

Kamesha Jackson was accused of fatally stabbing her long-time boyfriend Charles Porter.

She was found not guilty of murder, but guilty on the lesser included charge of Involuntary manslaughter, a felony.

She was found not guilty of felony murder, but guilty of aggravated assault.

Jackson was convicted of cruelty to children, possession of a knife during a felony, and not guilty obstruction of an officer.

This decision came after nearly 10 hours of deliberation.

Both the defense attorney and prosecutor said this case speaks to the violence that can erupt from domestic disputes.

"If you are arguing or physically fighting with your spouse or significant other and there are children in the house, don't just stop it, go get help. Alcohol help, drug help, domestic help, marriage counseling. Do something, don't do nothing. If you do nothing, this kind of stuff results," said Phil Cannon, Defense Attorney.

"The potential sentence that is a result of these verdicts is 36 years. She could potentially receive a sentence up to 36 years for these particular verdicts that were returned by the jury," said Greg Edwards, District Attorney."

The district attorney said, right now, Jackson is out on bond pending sentencing. The judge will set a sentencing hearing in the near future.

Jurors listened to five days of testimony before they began deliberating Thursday.

+Closing arguments in Albany murder trial to begin Thursday

The couple's children testified during the trial and recordings of their 911 calls were played for the jury.

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