VSU presents Mary Turner Lynching Exhibit

VSU presents Mary Turner Lynching Exhibit

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - This Black History Month, Valdosta State University has an exhibit that could be a tough pill to swallow.

VSU officially opened its doors on Thursday to showcase the Mary Turner Lynching Exhibit.

Guest and creator of the artwork, Rachel Marie-Crane Williams from the University of Iowa, hosted a lecture on the lynching of Mary Turner.

She was hung the day after her husband in South Georgia, while eight months pregnant.

"While people think that lynching is over in our country, many folks including myself still believe that, in fact, it's not over and that there are different forms of lynching that are still happening. And I think that this story is particularly interesting because I think of how black women in our country are still suffering," said Williams.

Turner's story is a brutal one, which is why Williams said she dedicated countless hours to paint, write and frame the story. She wants to remind people about America's dark history so it's not repeated.

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