Turner Co. to reopen West side EMS station

Turner Co. to reopen West side EMS station

ASHBURN, GA (WALB) - There is good news for some in Turner County who were upset after the county closed one of its EMS stations last year.

Turner County will soon re-open EMS station 2- located on the west side of railroad tracks in Ashburn.

Some people had concerns after it closed last July, that ambulances might get stopped by trains while out on emergency calls.

"One minute could save a life," said Turner Co. Resident Lanier Gipson. "I got an elderly mom right down the road, and occasionally she has to have 911," he said. "I would love for the service to be able to help her."

He's not alone -- several other residents told us they thought it was unsafe to not have any ambulances stationed on the west side of these railroad tracks in Ashburn.

"I don't want to hear about the train on the tracks. I don't want to hear that," Gipson said.

So Gipson says he went to Turner County's EMS Director and County Commission Chairman a few weeks ago, asking for the station to open back up.

And as of last week,  it looks like that's going to happen. EMS Director Robby Royal says the county commission voted a week ago to add back 3 positions done away with last year, due to budget cuts.

Royal says even though very few emergency calls had issues with the train after station 2 closed -- this will bring peace for those living in West Ashburn.

"So, that's going to be resolved for the folks that were concerned about that, even though we did not have an issue with that," Royal said. Royal will rehire one person who lost their full-time position last year, leaving him with two more paramedic or EMT positions to fill.

Gipson says he's happy with the results but he'll monitor the progress as he waits for the station to open back up. "Elderly people live on this side of town. I live on this side of the town. If the train stops, they can't get over here to save me."

We reached out to Turner County's Commission Chairman to find out where the money will come from to fund these positions

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