Children testify in Albany murder trial

Children testify in Albany murder trial
The trial for Kamesha Jackson continued Tuesday (Source: WALB)
The trial for Kamesha Jackson continued Tuesday (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - After an attorney became ill last week, causing a recess in the murder trial of Kamesha Jackson, the case is underway again in Dougherty Superior Court.

On Tuesday the children of the man who was killed and the Jackson, who is facing murder charges, took to the witness stand.

Jackson is accused of stabbing her long-time boyfriend, Charles Porter, 39, in April of 2016.

Testimony in the earlier stages of the trial was emotionally-charged.

The state said that the couple's teenage children witnessed the violence in the home.

Those children showed little emotion during their testimonies Tuesday.

"He said he felt like he was going to die," said 18-year-old Zyperion Jackson when prosecutors asked her to said the jury what she remembered from the night of the stabbing.

"I went outside and my mom was holding my dad and my brother was out there too," said  Zyperion.

Zyperion and her 15-year-old brother Kadavian recalled the night of April 16, 2016 when their dad died after being stabbed. Prosecutors said it was their mom, 34-year-old Kamesha Jackson who stabbed him.

"I said she was stupid because she stabbed my dad," Kadavian told the jury. He said he went into his sister's room to tell her.

The young Jackson's showed little emotion while being questioned. Their mother sat tall, seemingly trying to control her emotions, and the room stayed silent.

In Zyperion's testimony she was calm. She said her parents had come home that night and were talking loudly. She said it wasn't until her dad asked for her that she got up.

"He was hurt. He told me to knock on the neighbors door to call the ambulance," explained Zyperion.

Zyperion went on to say the neighbors didn't answer so she made the call. Last week, jurors listened to a 911 call from the night of the stabbing, where emotions were different.

"My mom stabbed my dad. She stabbed him," was the words Zyperion said in the recorded 911 call in a frantic manner.

It wasn't until Zyperion heard that 911 call, without a jury present that she broke down. She didn't stay in the courtroom when her younger brother took the stand either, though she is allowed to. Kadavian's recollection of the night was a bit different than hers. He said he was asleep on the couch with his dad before their mom came home. He said she used a belt to try and wake him up and bring him to bed with her, but Porter did not want to go with her.

During Zyperion's testimony, the defense questioned her about her family life, she said she had a good family atmosphere. She said they always spent Christmases together and her parents had been talking about getting married.

At the same time, when prosecutors questioned her, she told jurors her mom would often get drunk, bring out weapons to scare her dad. But she said they would always go to bed together and her mom wouldn't remember the next day.

The trial will continue Wednesday.

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