Editorial: Stay informed, with an antenna

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - This past week has been Severe Weather Awareness Week. We have had more than our share of severe weather over the years, and we just passed the anniversary of our terrible and deadly storms and tornadoes last January.

From our consistent weather coverage, warnings and emergency weather radio events, I think most are familiar with what to watch for, and the need to have emergency plans for you and your family.

But I am surprised at how many still do not have a TV antenna. It's a very reasonable investment and a one-time cost.

In even a thunderstorm storm as we saw this past week, if a tree takes down telephone poles, you could lose your cable.

That same wind could cause your satellite dish to move enough to cause you to lose the signal.

The days of the need for a tall metal pole outside your house and an expensive outside antenna are long gone. Now many indoor styles are available in several local department stores.

One good local company to call for advice is Davis Antenna, on which model will work best for you at you home.

"It's a one time fee that you pay and you never pay monthly fees again," said Darrell Pantone of Davis Antenna. "And we've had customers right now who have had these antennas for 20 years or more with no problems. You know if your satellite or cable goes out with these antennas we have customers who have both, and they can always switch over to the antennas and pick up the local channels and the local weather."

We hope you will consider adding an indoor or outdoor antenna, that could help keep you in touch with weather warnings and updates when you may need them most.

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