Indictments returned by Thomas Co. Grand Jury

Indictments returned by Thomas Co. Grand Jury

THOMAS CO., GA (WALB) - Thomas County Grand Jury members returned 23 indictments on Thursday.

This comes just two weeks after nearly 50 indictments were deemed to be tainted by an invalid grand juror.

None of the 23 new true bills were part of the 50 that have to be reheard.

The reason for this is that a case can not go before a grand jury twice unless there is new evidence being presented.

According to law enforcement investigators, they don't have new evidence in those cases.

Although, this is the same grand jury, minus the juror who lived in Grady County, these 23 new true bills range from aggravated assault, child molestation, fraud, to property crimes and armed robberies.

Only one bill was returned as a no bill.

The 50 tainted cases are expected to be heard sometime in late April or May.

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