Thomasville development authority hopes to fill empty business park

Thomasville development authority hopes to fill empty business park

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Thomasville Payroll Development Authority members are focused on finding tenants for their business park.

Red Hills Business Park sits on 293 acres in Thomasville. It has paved streets, water, sewer and underground utilities. But one thing is missing, businesses.

Payroll Development Authority members are hoping to change that soon.

Currently, the PDA has three prospects for the Red Hills Business Park.

Lots at Red Hills range from a couple of acres to up to 90 acres.

Red Hills could accommodate up to 58 businesses.

Call centers, small distribution businesses, light manufacturing and business offices are the ideal businesses for the park.

PDA Executive Director Shelley Zorn said it's very hard to get people to look at just land.

Zorn said that could be the reason they have more interest in the Caterpillar building as of now.

"There is a difference in inventory there when you have just land, and you have a building. Ninety percent of your prospects want to see a building, so we have a lot more activity on the Caterpillar building than we do Red Hills," explained Zorn.

The business park was a $5 million investment, including a $500,000 grant from the OneGeorgia Authority, and the rest of the funding is from special purpose local option sales tax revenue.

PDA officials hope that when one business opens its doors at the business park, it will create a domino effect, as the prospects will be able to see what a business will look like on the land.

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