'Young Gamechangers' begin work in Albany

'Young Gamechangers' begin work in Albany
All of the Gamechangers are working professionals under the age of 40. (Source: WALB)
All of the Gamechangers are working professionals under the age of 40. (Source: WALB)
Gamechangers are working to propose ideas that will better the city. (Source: WALB)
Gamechangers are working to propose ideas that will better the city. (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A non-profit organization is working to improve the state of Georgia city-by-city and this year they're focusing on Albany.

The group is using young professionals to create ideas and make changes for the better in a program called 'Young Gamechangers.'

"I moved back to Albany because I love this community and want to make it an even better place to live," said Beau Sinyard, an Albany native and pharmacist at U-Save-It Pharmacy.  "I think with this organization we can take the good life city and make it the great life city."

Sinyard is one of 50 individuals who make up the Young Gamechangers. Their goal is to make Albany a better place to live.

Sinyard was raised in Albany, left the area for school and decided to come back.

"I really feel connected to the Albany community. I have a heart for this community," said Kimberly Scott.

Scott is the Vice President of Community Health at Horizons. She moved to Albany to attend Albany State University. After leaving for a few years, she decided to come back to settle.

Danielle Willis is in a similar situation. She chose to come to Albany to live and work. She's been here for about eight years, but she said exploring the city with the Gamechangers has opened her eyes to the potential of the city.

"It has really given me a huge desire to want to be more involved in Albany," said Willis.

It's clear to see the excitement and drive in the three individuals. They live in Albany, but not all of the Gamechangers do. Some are professionals in other parts of the state.

But what are they doing here?

"We're pretty much coming together to work with city leaders, city officials to attack some challenges that are going on in Albany as well as make some recommendations to bring about change," explained Willis.

The Gamechangers spent most of the week in Albany, meeting with leaders and businesses to kick off their program.

"I'm excited about the energy that was present in the group. There's so many people who are involved who live in the community who are committed to helping see these things through," said Scott.

Now they have been broken up into four groups. In addition to their day jobs, they are tasked with creating a comprehensive plan with ideas and innovative solutions centered around making Albany a better, more enticing place to work, live and play.

"It's not only a group that comes together and talks about positive changes that can be done in the community," explained Sinyard when asked about why he chose to be a part of the program. "This is a group about action too. We propose ideas and then give the city various steps they can take to make them a reality."

The group has eight months to put together a packet of ideas. Then they will present them to the city commissioners.

To learn more information about the program and the other cities the Gamechangers have worked in, click here.

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