Cold weather good for crops

Cold weather good for crops

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Most people in South Georgia are ready for the cold weather to go away.

But it may be helping more than you know when it comes to your produce.

Andy Carter and Joshua Dawson with the University of Georgia and Fort Valley State University said that the cold weather helps ward off whiteflies.

The drop in temperature kills off the host plants where whiteflies live during the winter months.

Some farmers saw a 50 to 75 percent loss of crops because of whiteflies last year.

"Well, their feeding causes viruses and plant injuries, and can reduce the yields to crops," explained Dawson. "Last year we had it in pretty much everything, majority of all the vegetable crops, the cotton crops."

Carter said in order to kill the host plants of the whiteflies, temperatures need to stay in the low to mid 20's for a few consecutive hours. He added the snowfall did help, but only time will tell.

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