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How to avoid germs at the gym

Watch out for pathogens on your gym equipment (Source: WALB) Watch out for pathogens on your gym equipment (Source: WALB)
Justin Smith (Source: WALB) Justin Smith (Source: WALB)

You go to the gym to work out and stay healthy, but with the flu and other viruses spreading rapidly right now, you could actually be putting yourself at risk of dangerous germs if you're not careful.

District Environmental Health Director Justin Smith said many people don't practice good hygiene when entering and leaving the gym. 

He said there is a wide variety of pathogens that can be in human sweat like the flu, strep, and staph. 

Smith said many of those pathogens are found on barbell or dumbbell handles, exercise equipment pads and handles and workout mats. 

"Wash your hands as soon as you get through with your workout," said Smith. "Wash them even before you leave the facility so that you're not spreading germs or pathogens to your automobile, or to your home surfaces that you and your family may commonly touch."

Smith suggested bringing disinfectant wipes along with you. He said if you have any symptoms that make you think you may be getting sick, avoid the gym altogether. 

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