Georgia Supreme Court upholds two murder convictions

Georgia Supreme Court upholds two murder convictions

ATLANTA, GA (WALB) - Patricia Ann Brown of Sumter Co. lost the appeal of her murder conviction for robbing and killing 47-year-old Eugene Clark in 2008. Investigators say Brown and Fredrick Houston spotted Clark's cash while the three sat together in a pub.

He was robbed, beaten, and strangled later that night while walking home.

The Supreme Court vacated her conviction for robbery, which should have been "merged" into the murder conviction for sentencing purposes.

Neddrick Green of Tift Co. was sentenced to life in prison for gunning down 20-year-old Barry Bullard in July 2008.

Witnesses said that Green, Jeremy Reynolds, Junior, and Allen Williams jumped out of a Lexus and ambushed Bullard, shooting him in the head outside Dease Apartments.

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