ASU softball putting faith in freshmen for 2018

ASU softball putting faith in freshmen for 2018

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - While some teams may see youth as inexperience, the Albany State softball team is reminding its freshmen that classification doesn't matter once you hit the diamond.

The Lady rams hit open the season in six days at home.

Coming off a (25-24) season where they were bounced in the semifinals of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic conference tournament--they've got something to prove in 2018.

They'll be doing so with a roster that has six freshmen and six seniors.

Amber Barker is in her 2nd season leading the Lady Rams, she'll rely on both groups without hesitation this spring.

"Those freshmen are actually playing up, been playing very well," said head coach Amber Barker.

"They even talked about it in the team meeting yesterday that the classification goes out the window. Everyone was here all Fall, that's when you had the period of 'you're a freshman'  but now everybody is equal playing field and there's no more classification."

The seniors are providing the proper setting for the younger teammates to flourish.

"When kids are coming out of high school they don't know the collegiate level," said senior Jade Williams. "They don't know the fast pace, so you've got to kind of put them under your wing be a mother and be like 'hey listen you've got to buckle don, these teams aren't playing and we aren't either.'"

Albany State opens the season at home against Valdosta State February 1st.

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