3 arrested in November Ag-Pro theft

3 arrested in November Ag-Pro theft

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - Three men have been arrested in connection with a theft at the Bainbridge Ag-Pro that happened in late November.

On Monday, Deandre Marquese Hale, 28, was arrested by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office in Alabama and charged with fugitive from justice.

Additionally, Darius Demichael Pitts, 26, was arrested by the U.S. Marshal's Service on a felony theft charge.

And in December, Kenneth Kieuntrel Jordan, 27, was arrested on a federal firearms charge, with additional charges pending as the investigation continues.

All are being considered as persons of interest in the Ag-Pro heist as well as another theft in Alabama.

Bainbridge Public Safety Spokesperson Julia Harris said BPS began its investigation after the November 30 theft.

Harris said that on December 6, investigators received a call from the Dothan, Alabama Police Department that the SunSouth (John Deere) store had equipment stolen on December 5.

Dothan police identified three vehicles, two of which were also believed to be involved in the Bainbridge theft.

Multiple law enforcement agencies in Alabama worked together to identify persons of interests and leads to the possible location of the stolen equipment.

Law enforcement found stolen equipment and vehicles involved in both thefts at an abandoned metal property shop in Lee County, Alabama.

Alabama investigators then made contact with residents in the area near the property and received more surveillance video that showed multiple vehicles that included a trailer with equipment and several people.

Investigators met with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and through information related to the stolen vehicles and the surveillance videos were able to identify Hale, Pitts and Jordan, all from Montgomery, as persons of interest.

Now, investigators from several agencies are working to identify all of the people involved in the thefts.

"It's like a domino effect, one bit of information leads us to a person of interest, and that person leads us to another. We are also linking these persons to multiple thefts. Through the cooperation of multiple law enforcement agencies, warrants will be issued as this investigation continues," said Bainbridge Public Safety Investigator Chip Nix.

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