Officials warn about 'fake officers'

Officials warn about 'fake officers'
Lt. Stephen Rogers said not many 'fake officers' have been reported in recent years. (Source: WALB)
Lt. Stephen Rogers said not many 'fake officers' have been reported in recent years. (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A South Georgia woman claims to have been pulled over by a "fake police officer" in Irwin County earlier this week.

Now that incident is causing some concern.

It was on Highway 32 west near the Irwin and Turner county lines where a young woman told investigators she had a terrifying experience when she was pulled over by a car with flashing red and blue lights.

"The guy that come to her vehicle was dressed in all black or dark colored clothes and approached her car. She said he had a mask on and had a knife in his left hand," explained Lt. Stephen Rogers with the Irwin County Sheriff's Office.

In this instance, investigators said the woman said her dog started barking and the man ran back to his car and drove off. An incident like this is something Irwin County investigators said they take very seriously.

"If someone's been pulled over by someone that's not really a law enforcement officer they really need to report it," said Rogers.

If you are driving by yourself and you look over into your rear-view mirror and see flashing lights investigators said there are things you can look for.

To start law enforcement in Irwin County only use white and blue lights. However, some counties do use red lights.

Lights on most cars are either on top of the car or in the windshield. There are also several more lights around the car.

If you aren't sure it's law enforcement you can always pick up your phone and dial 911.

"If the deputy is trying to pull someone over, then the 911 operator can get ahold of that deputy and just talk to that 911 operator, say look I'm going to slow down and go to a place where I feel safe," said Rogers.

If you have been pulled over by a 'fake officer,' you should call the sheriff's office to report the incident.

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