Break Bread Together preps meals that heal

Break Bread Together preps meals that heal
(Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - One church organization is changing lives one meal at a time and they could use the community's help to keep going.

Break Bread Together is a senior citizen feeding initiative through the First Presbyterian Church in Valdosta, but it is not just the food that keeps those they serve full, it is the compassion behind the motive.

Feeding America Inc. said that more than 5 million senior citizens ages 60 and older struggle with hunger.

And the organization Break Bread Together through First Presbyterian Church in Valdosta has decided to break that number one meal at a time.

"We have ham, we have turkey, we have anything that anybody else would cook, it's good," said Program Coordinator Beth

Senior citizens, 65 and up, receive a meal five days a week.

Volunteers come to the church, pack up food that has been donated by community members and leaders, then deliver them for free.

"The meal is more than a meal, it's a daily contact so people know that they are going to be checked on each day," explained Mathis.

Sammie Pride, 91, is a retired business owner who said his gratefulness goes far beyond the food, it is deeply rooted in his heart.

"They come out in all kinds of weather to bring me my lunch, it's so, I don't know, I'm just so thankful and blessed, these are great people. God bless them," said Pride.

Sammie and his wife were married for 64 years before she died in 2013.

He said the volunteers then became his adopted family.

"One of the ladies, I've adopted her as my daughter, her grandchildren are my great-grandchildren, if you can look up there at those cards they make me, it's so wonderful," said Pride.

Program Coordinator Beth Mathis added that, yes, the seniors need these meal, but there's more to it, it is the love behind it.

"They just love it, to see somebody every day. It's the contact, yes, it's the human contact," explained Mathis.

Break Bread Together is an affiliate of Meals on Wheels but is not state or federally funded. It currently served 42 seniors. Another 55 are on a waiting list.

The organization could always use more donations to help continue its efforts.

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