Moultrie city council adds more camera requirements for store owners

Moultrie city council adds more camera requirements for store owners
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MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - City leaders in Moultrie are now requiring stores that sell alcohol for off-site consumption to beef up their security measures.

A revision to an existing ordinance calls on store owners to follow new requirements regarding the video camera resolution and records.

The Moultrie Police Department just updated its technology, adding new body cameras, and now it's asking store owners to do the same.

If you own a business that sells alcohol for off-site consumption, the requirements for cameras have been beefed up a notch.

"At our recent council meeting, what we did was further define the quality of the cameras," said City Manager Pete Dillard.

Through this revision to an existing ordinance, owners of gas stations or liquor stores are now required to have video systems with 720-pixel resolution. They need to make sure at least one camera covers the parking lot and store owners must also keep the recordings for a minimum of 30 days.

"That allows us to do our job as a police department, we need the information or evidence to find the perpetrators and solve the case," explained Dillard.

Dillard said the videos are posted to the City of Moultrie - Government Facebook page and community members can help identify the suspects.

"Now that we can get clearer pictures, we can take them to social media and then the public gets to get involved and helps us identify the people who are breaking in robbing and stealing," said Dillard.

There have been two robberies this month in which surveillance video has helped identify a suspect.

"One I believe we captured, the other we know exactly who he is he just hasn't come home yet and we will find him because he's been identified by the public," said Dillard.

All in all, police hope these cameras will reduce crime and of course keep the community safe.

"Our objective is to make it safer for business owners, safer for people working there and safer for people who might be in the establishment," said Dillard.

In the next year or year and a half, the downtown square will soon also have surveillance cameras.

The Downtown Moultrie Office and the Downtown Moultrie Tomorrow group are working to secure funding for the cameras.

Those cameras will be monitored by the Moultrie Police Department.

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