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GSP, GDOT urge drivers to be cautious because of potential black ice

(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)
Nita Birmingham (Source: WALB) Nita Birmingham (Source: WALB)

With all of the snow melted and the hard freeze Thursday night, drivers should be very cautious of dangerous potential black ice.

A lot of businesses, offices, and schools will be open Thursday so drivers will be heading out to make the morning commute. 

Drivers need to be extremely cautious about their speed and pay attention to how the roads look and feel.

Overpasses and bridges will ice first.

The problem will black ice is that when it's dark, it looks like the roads are just wet but in reality, they are frozen with a sheet of ice on top. 

If you find yourself driving and you feel like you are sliding, here is what the Georgia State Patrol recommends you do.

"Don't hit your breaks. Try to counter steer the best you can. Don't oversteer, that will throw you into a worse spin. Don't over correct, make sure you countersteer. Keep your foot off the gas," said John Vanlandingham, with the Georgia State Patrol.

He also recommends reducing your speed to half of what you would normally drive. This will keep you alert and able to react if you do hit a patch of ice.

The Georgia Department of Transportation has been working to clear roadways and prep them for potential black ice for the last few days.

They have been putting a rock and salt mixture down so drivers who have to drive on it have something on the roads to keep them from sliding.

"When cars travel over the rock, the tires break up the ice. The ice mixes with the salt and it creates a brine which has a lower freezing point, which we hope will keep the surface from icing over,” said Nita Birmingham with the Georgia Department of Transportation.

WALB did check with GSP early Thursday morning and they did not have any crashes reported from black ice yet.

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