Pretoria Fields highlighted in #MadeInAlbanyGA campaign

Pretoria Fields highlighted in #MadeInAlbanyGA campaign
The EDC toured the brewery (Source: WALB)
The group celebrated local products (Source: WALB)
The group celebrated local products (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission recognized one of the region's newest producers on its final #MadeInAlbanyGA tour stop Wednesday.

Event organizers explained how brewers at Pretoria Fields could help the local economy, a little over a month after the business opened its doors.

"It really is the culmination," Brewer Tripp Morgan said. "We're now open. We're doing business."

The EDC is highlighting just that. The #MadeInAlbanyGA campaign shows off things produced in the Good Life City.

"Some of our newest industries that make a product, that employ people, that invest in the community," EDC President Justin Strickland said. "That impacts not only our community but the region by the products that they make."

The campaign started in September 2017, but Strickland said Pretoria Fields was an important addition because it is one of the city's newest producers.

"Sometimes we drive by places in our community that make a product and you don't get to see behind the walls," Strickland said. "So, we were honored to be able to show what goes on behind the walls of some of our industry."

Brewers said they've already sold their first batch of beers and are working on a second.

They add that they feel they're a part of a collective, hoping to use local resources and spur economic development in places outside of their taphouse.

"Come down enjoy, have a good time, have a good experience," Morgan said. "Then, leave with that experience, and buy our beer at the restaurants locally."

It's a partnership Morgan said is growing daily.

Strickland adds the EDC plans to make a video showing off all of its #MadeInAlbanyGA tour stops.

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