Cook Co. family rebuilds house and farm one year after tornado

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(Source: WALB)
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Carla Bullard (Source: WALB)
Carla Bullard (Source: WALB)
Jenny Bullard (Source: WALB)
Jenny Bullard (Source: WALB)

COOK CO., GA (WALB) - Today Carla Bullard and her daughter Jenny look back on the storms one year ago from inside their new house.

At 3:30 in the morning one year ago, the killer tornado struck Val Del Road.

"It was on the ground when it went through our house," said Carla.

Carla and her husband Jeff were in one side of the house, while Jenny was on the other. The tornado went through the middle.

"As soon as I opened my bedroom door, my bedroom is on a long hall. That hall wall fell on top of me," said Jenny.

Amazingly, the Bullards escaped, with Jeff and Jenny suffering broken arms.

Most of their personal belongings were gone.

Jenny managed to find her child's Bible and senior ring in the rubble.

"I searched high and low for that thing for about two days before they were fixing to tear down the rest of the house," said Jenny. "And I finally found it. And that was one thing I was glad to have."

A children's book had been stored in a box in their attic before the tornado. It was returned by a family that found it in Berrien County.

"This book was found about 17 miles from here. Somebody brought it a couple of days after the tornado," said Carla.

The Bullard's farm operation right across the street was also destroyed. Replacing the shelters and equipment and planting crops was the first job.

Then they rebuilt the same house plan on almost the exact same spot.

"We did move it two feet forward and two feet to the left," said Carla. "Just to get out of the footers we were in."

Now one year later, after a lot of hard work and stress the Bullard Farms and their house is rebuilt.

"We're getting everything back to normal. Starting to act like we did before the tornado," said Jenny.

Jenny has returned to college. Carla said after a hard year, she and Jeff are hoping to take a break and go fishing.

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