Randolph County sees first snow in many years

Randolph County sees first snow in many years
Snow on rooftops (Source: WALB)
Snow on rooftops (Source: WALB)

CUTHBERT, GA (WALB) - After the fall of the first flake, Cuthbert soon was lightly buried beneath a blanket of snow.

Beginning around 5:15 Wednesday morning, a dusting fell over the city.

Downtown Cuthbert including the park and shops got a light blanket. Less than two hours later it stopped, and the sun rose.

By noon, there was hardly a sight of snow to see.

"We got plenty of snow today, more than we expected, but we got it," explained Rodney Coleman, a Cuthbert resident, "I'm ready to go home now and take a nice bath, and get up under the covers."

Despite rooftops and the grass getting snow, the roadways did not see it stick.

As a matter of fact, there were numerous people out from dusk to daylight. A few stopped to say hello and then continued on to go to work.

But while the conditions may seem drivable, Randolph County Sheriff's Office, Corporal Kelvin Williams said he, along with other deputies, are out patrolling the roadways.

"We're going to provide more deputies on the roadway. We are going to make sure that we are seen to give warnings to slow down. So that you can get home safely," explained Williams.

Williams said the goal for the office today is keeping everyone safe. And as the sun sets into the early evening the wet roads can freeze causing dangerous driving conditions.

But Williams says there are more deputies patrolling because of the weather.

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