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Citizens Against Violence opens second Valdosta location

(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)
Citizens Against Violence opens second location at 307 E. Jane St. (Source: WALB) Citizens Against Violence opens second location at 307 E. Jane St. (Source: WALB)

Reducing crime without the use of weapons, that's the mission of one Southwest Georgia community.

Reverend J.D. Martin with Citizens Against Violence said it is all about providing presence with a non-violent approach. 

"Dr. King was exactly right, violence only begets more and we still have this trend to think that everything in America can be solved by violence," explained Martin.

CAV has recruited over 150 volunteers and just recently opened a second location to take a stand against crime.

"We are defeating the enemy that's out there and we are continuing to press forward," said Martin. 

It is a new year, but the motto is still the same and that is to decrease crime in the Valdosta community.

The CAV has recently opened a new location to provide more programs to offset some of the crime in hopes to improve safety.

"Not only are neighbors watching out for each other but now they have support, a patrol unit that goes in the neighborhood and observes and reports things" explained Martin.

The new location will not just focus on canvasing the neighborhoods, but it will also be geared towards the youth. 

The Venture Club will work with parents who seek guidance in raising their children.

Kids will be involved in behavior classes that focus on attitudes and anger.

"This program is designed so that we can take over our neighborhoods," said Martin.

Reverend Martin said he has aligned this program with the method of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., focusing on non-violence.

"None of us carry guns, our biggest weapon is the word and everyone is asked to carry a Bible," said Martin.

Martin said this is what Dr. King would have wanted.

"We're not charging anything, only thing we want to do is make our community better. And I'm so glad that this day has been set aside for years, for Martin Luther King, that his dream is becoming a reality here in this city of Valdosta because what we're doing right now is non-violent," said Martin.

The old location will belong to the Soul Patrol squad, who will continue to provide eyes, ears and a helping hand in neighborhoods. 

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