Family recovering after house fire

Family recovering after house fire
Joshua Baggs, homeowner (Source: WALB)
Joshua Baggs, homeowner (Source: WALB)
Debris left from the house fire (Source: WALB)
Debris left from the house fire (Source: WALB)

MITCHELL CO., GA (WALB) - A Mitchell County family is recovering after a fire destroyed their home one week ago.

Joshua Baggs says he, his wife and two young children are mourning the loss of their dog and cat, and their home in that fire last Sunday.

Once a home for a family of four and their pets stood tall at Sardis Drive in Hopeful.

But now, brick, ash and plenty of memories are all that remain.

"It's just a beautiful spot. And you know we weren't the kind that took a lot of vacations," explained Baggs, "We put money back into the home and the yard, the landscape. We just, we took a lot of pride. This was our little paradise down here.

Baggs said he and his father built parts of this home for his family to grow up in.

But last Sunday morning, it came tumbling down.

"Usually on Sunday morning I have a routine, I teach Sunday School and in Hopeful, we're just a great community. We all go to church together. We all work together as far as a farming community," said Baggs.

While his wife was picking their children up for from their grandparents he stayed back to make a cup of coffee.

The next thing he remembers was seeing part of the wrap-around porch and kitchen on fire.

"I tried to act as quick as I could, try to get all the animals out of the house, and I was successful with two of them but you know God was definitely with us," said Baggs.

The home was engulfed in flames within minutes, and the family still doesn't know what sparked the fire.

But they are grateful to have an outpouring of love from people in Mitchell and surrounding counties.

"I just wish the country could see how a community could act toward each other because we are blessed with the people we have in our lives," said Baggs.

Both Baggs and his wife say they have so much to say to all who have helped them.

"Everything that everybody has done for us, I just hope that they truly understand and feel how much it means to us," explained Baggs.

The family tells me they are staying at their farmhouse down the road for the time being.

Eventually, they hope to rebuild.

Friends of the family set up a "You Caring" page in which you can help support by clicking here.

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