Andrew's Isler prepares for DI move, rivalry game

(Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)

CUTHBERT, GA (WALB) - The hustle steps up when a rivalry match up is just a day away. 

The ladies of the Andrew College basketball team are set to play Albany Tech Saturday, but for Sophomore Guard Toddrianna Isler its personal.

"I mean she's pretty good," Isler said. "I'm good too, but we're going to come out with the win. I knew for sure."

Isler is set to take on the Titans' Cekeya Mack. The two played together at Monroe High School in Albany and have both found success on their new teams. 

Isler hit a mark of eight double-doubles on the season last game. Mack is also at the top of the conference scoring leader board.

"It feels good seeing each other doing good being positive, not staying in the streets and whatnot," Isler said.

Andrew Head Coach Courtney Pritchett said he notices that Isler is special on and off the court.

"Its very few kids that you get to coach that you get a daughter feel from," Pritchett said. "You know, Todrianna is one of those kids. Her personality is bubbly and she's a great kid."

A great kid that's not too bad at basketball. After the rivalry match up at Albany Tech, she has another month or so until she makes a DI move.

"That's all I did was give her confidence," Pritchett said. "She was already a great player. To see her develop confidence and get going, its been special. Its been a special ride, I'm going to hate for it to end."

Isler is headed to Alcorn State. She said she couldn't have done without the people she's met in Cuthbert.

"Its Amazing. Blessed really," Islet said. "That's all I can say and I'm thankful for Coach Pritchett."

A mentor that is surely tankful for her too.

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