Valdosta Public Works receives trash grant

Valdosta Public Works receives trash grant

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Some city workers in South Georgia are working to cut down on pollution.

Valdosta Public Works will be placing new trash-cans throughout the city after noticing an increased amount of littering in certain parts of town.

Operations Superintendent Anthony Musgrove said VPW employees were having to send out special crews to pick-up trash-- which began costing extra money and time.

As an experiment, he put a trash bin in one of the neighborhoods.

"After I went back and picked the trash can up, I noticed it was slab full and in couple of days I went back to get the can and it was full again and I got to thinking, you know what, the people will use them if they're there," said Musgrove.

Public Works applied for a grant that provided 22 public trash cans that will be placed throughout the city.

Each can will be labeled with the saying "Love where you live" to encourage people to stop littering.

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