Rebuilding Radium Springs after January storms now underway

Rebuilding Radium Springs after January storms now underway
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Digging a hole, the first step in what Albany city officials hope will be the revitalization of a lost region of the city.

Ole timers can remember when the Radium Spring country club golf course, just off the Flint River was well respected statewide, and the neighborhoods around the course were vibrant.

Currently, the golf course is growing over and many of the homes around it are abandoned with significant damage from the January storms.

But now city workers are digging a retention pond off Azalea and Skywater Boulevards.

"But what we are seeing today is just the first part of bringing this particular area back," said Dougherty County Public Works Director Larry Cook.

The 5-acre pond being constructed is to solve consistent flooding issues often seen at Skywater and Azalea Boulevards.

Contracts will go up for bids soon to resurface, curb and gutter both roads, and bring other storm-damaged roads up to standard.

"Totally rebuilding it," said Cook. "So we're slowly trying to bring us back to a subdivision that people would want to come to, be a part of."

The 250-acre golf course property is being looked at for a total master plan to build over into a green space. It will be the south head for the Rails to Trails system that will stretch across Albany.

"The history that goes along with the park and trying to tie in things that we think will be important amenities added in the area," explained Cook.

From storm devastated to a master plan designed green space and neighborhood.

"Hopefully, hopefully we can try to bring it back to an acceptable standard where people would want to move out here," said Cook.

It all starts one shovel full of dirt at a time.

All of the projects are being paid for by tax funds commissioners voted on a couple of months ago for improving storm-damaged roads in Radium Springs.

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