Editorial: Receive WALB more affordably than ever

With the new year upon us, many resolve to be better with their finances or find new ways to save money.
It's been popular over the last several years to 'cut the cord' to save money on cable expenses.
If you're doing it this year, we're happy to say you have more choices than ever.
You don't have to invest in a TV antenna on your roof to get the best local news weather and sports.
WALB has been working tirelessly to bring you the same great coverage wherever you are, including the most popular streaming boxes out there.
You can watch WALB News 10 on your Roku device for free from anywhere in the world.
All you need is an internet connection.
In a world that's asking for more and more options, WALB continues to deliver the best to South Georgia.
We're no stranger to severe weather, and that's why being able to see emergency weather coverage on your device is so important.
If the power goes out, our live storm coverage is easily picked up on smartphones so you can always be informed.
As technology moves forward, so are we. And we're proud to be adding WALB access to even more devices this year like Amazon and Apple TV.

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