Dougherty Co. commissioner wants to crack down on litter

Dougherty Co. commissioner wants to crack down on litter
You can find fast food bags, bottles, and piles of trash along roadways. (Source: WALB)
You can find fast food bags, bottles, and piles of trash along roadways. (Source: WALB)
Anthony Jones, Commissioner. (Source: WALB)
Anthony Jones, Commissioner. (Source: WALB)

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - Some county leaders are voicing their opinions about something they feel very strongly about...litter.

County commissioners are tired of seeing trash piling up throughout the whole county.

Littering has been a continual problem in Albany for quite some time and it isn't in just one spot, it's all over the county.

You can find paper, fast food bags, even household items spread along the Liberty Expressway, on residential roads, even out on back roads in the county.

Commissioner Anthony Jones and the board spoke about implementing the adopt a mile programs or teaching more about littering in the school system, but the number one way is to hold people accountable for their actions.

"All the citizens who travel up and down our roads, and highways, and byways, to help us with litter pickup. If everybody just kept a litter bag in their car we would see very little litter out in these streets and on these byways and highways," said Jones.

Commissioners have identified residents they suspect of littering by simply picking up the trash and finding their personal information.

They hand over the information to the police and the suspects could receive a fine.

Neighborhood watches are also stepping in to help with the litter problem.

Back in November, three new neighborhood watches were organized for College Park, Ramsey Road, and Holly Drive residents.

They are meeting this month to decide their yearly agenda.

Commissioner Jones is overseeing these neighborhood watches and said that crime will always be their number one concern but also they want to incorporate a litter pickup.

Some of the neighborhood watches that have been very successful with litter efforts are the Putney and South County Line Road residents.

Jones said this will have to be a community effort to get Dougherty County clean and litter free.

"They've been picking up litter in front of their homes and down their streets and down the roads there. They want it to look nice and we all should want the best for this city and this county," said Jones

Dougherty County Commissioners recommend being involved in your own neighborhood watch.

If one is not organized for where you live yet, they encourage you to contact your commissioners.

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