Convicted felon finds light in candle business, helps other felons get jobs

Convicted felon finds light in candle business, helps other felons get jobs
Carter sells pheromone infused and house candles (Source: WALB)
Carter is hiring felons (Source: WALB)
Carter is hiring felons (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany man, once convicted of a felony, is now helping others re-enter society by giving them a job.

Estabian Carter's life has changed a lot. He was previously convicted of a felony, he's now in the candle business.

"This is one of our signature crafts. It's a fruit loop bowl. Don't worry about your kids eating it. He can't get that out of there. Its kind of like the sword and the stone," said Carter.

Carter calls his business Daring Aromas. His goal is to compete with the biggest of stores, but also to help those convicted of crimes he says may have been forgotten.

"It's very arduous to get a job, very tough," explained Carter. "So, here we have something that's crafted from myself and my fellow colleague to be able to hire people who probably can't get a job."

For three months now, Carter says he's done just that. Carter added that his business is growing and so is his faith in himself.

"It was therapeutic. It also put me back in touch with society and just doing the right things in life," said Carter. "I've done some things in life as far as going down the wrong road."

But now, the new path he's taken is a little different.

"I never saw myself doing anything like this," said Carter.

And despite the change, he said he's happy, and most importantly, hopes he's making a difference.

"We all directly impact our own environment. We could become a product of our environment. A liability or an asset," explained Carter. "I'd really like to become an asset to my society and give back."

And Carter's doing just that by providing light to those with dark pasts in the form of a candle.

Carter said he also uses proceeds from his work to donate to non-profits, including the National Lupus Foundation. He said he does that because some in his family are affected by the disease.

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