Animals find warmth at Wild Adventures

Animals find warmth at Wild Adventures
Reporter Damon Arnold goes outdoors with Shirley the Elephant for the first time all week. (Source: WALB)
Reporter Damon Arnold goes outdoors with Shirley the Elephant for the first time all week. (Source: WALB)

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - With freezing temperatures hitting Southwest Georgia, it's important that animals also get a break from the cold air.

Employees at Wild Adventures in Lowndes County have gone above and beyond to make sure that the animals residing there are all bundled up for the cold.

WALB's Damon Arnold visited Shirley the elephant on Friday to see how she stayed warm in the cold temperatures.

Wild Adventures employees have supplied not only Shirley the with propane heaters and adequate shelter, but all animals have received access to some form of heat.

With temperatures falling all the way down in the 20s, people, as well as animals, have been trying to find ways to stay warm.

At Wild Adventures, Zookeeper Debbie Allen said they have made it their mission to make all the animals cozy.

"They're always good and snug, we always check their temperature, check their hairs and keep a close eye on them to make sure they are good and warm," explained Allen.

When the temperature hits fifty degrees or lower, all animals who require heat are moved indoors.

Some animals are not used to cooler weather.

For those who are not, they receive special items to accommodate them.

"In times like this they always have access to heat, heat lamps, some have blankets, some have hay and our hove-stock animals always have good bedding," said Allen.

During the snow storm earlier this week, Wild Adventures employees went as far to volunteer to stay overnight just to make sure that Shirley and her cohorts had everything they needed.

"We take a lot of pride in Miss Shirley and Miss Shirley is our baby, we all cater to Shirley, it's whatever she wants is what we do," said Allen.

Wild Adventures said that all of the larger animals, like your giraffes and rhinos, need an abundance of heat and have been supplied with propane driven heating options.

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