Valdosta Fire Department offers heat safety tips

Valdosta Fire Department offers heat safety tips

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - The chilly temperatures may have people wanting to turn-on their central heating system or a portable space heater, but before doing so, the Valdosta Fire Department wants to offer some safety tips.

VFD said if people have not already had their heating systems inspected, to do so by a licensed professional.

If using a portable space heater, VFD said to keep the space heater at least three feet away from curtains, carpet or anything flammable.

VFD also added that it is okay to leave on overnight, but only if someone is in the room.

"It's fine for them to leave them on in the room where they're at, if they're going to leave a room, I don't suggest leaving on a portable space heater. If you leave a room, just turn it off," said Fire and Life Safety Educator Tangela Rowe.

Rowe said that if people are using a space heater where the carpet is low, it should be safe to sit on the floor.

If the carpet is higher or pinch-length, find an area that has little to no carpet.

VFD strongly suggests reading the manual to see if the heater can be placed on a table or counter.

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