Father and son bring state titles to Leesburg 3 decades apart

Father and son bring state titles to Leesburg 3 decades apart
Cameron Covin No. 79 (Source: WALB)
Cameron Covin No. 79 (Source: WALB)
Marion Covin\ No. 24 (Source: WALB)
Marion Covin\ No. 24 (Source: WALB)
Father and son gazing at memories from the trophy case (Source: WALB)
Father and son gazing at memories from the trophy case (Source: WALB)

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - Marion Covin helped Lee County to its first state championship in basketball in 1985.

But his dream was to win it all on the gridiron, something he'd witness his son do 32 years later from the stands.

"One thing about winning state, you know you're going to be a champion for life. Nobody can ever take it from yo," Covin told his son Camreon as he introduced him to the Lee County trophy case.

Cameron was the starting right tackle for the Trojans who just won the 2017 football state championship.

It made the Covins the first father-son duo to bring team state championships to Leesburg.

"I found my dad after we won and the final buzzer went off, and I just went up and hugged him," recalled Cameron.

Though his father won it all on the hardwood, football has always been his first love. He may have enjoyed the 2017 title even more than his own.

"I couldn't wait to get on the field, I couldn't wait to celebrate," the father said glowingly. "I couldn't wait to hold him in my arm just to feel this dream."

Ironically, Cameron may have enjoyed the 1985 title more than his own. The 6 foot 5 senior is a power forward for the Trojans defending region Champion basketball team.

He had just picked up playing football in 2016.

"I couldn't believe it. I said man you winning state it's almost like you living my dream in football, and I have live your dream in football, so once everything is over and said, we'll just trade rings. He'll get my ring, I'll take his ring," said Marion.

Cameron may owe it to his father. He didn't pick up the basketball until 7th grade, when he filled in for his father who couldn't make the '85 team's ring ceremony.

"I got to watch Lee County play also. So it was big for me. Made me what I am now," said Cameron.

What he is now is a key member of the Trojans basketball team. With the addition of he and six other football players, they're shaping up to be a contender in Class 6A.

Maybe he'll get a basketball ring of his own this Spring too.

The Covins have done their fair share of damage in the Lee County trophy case, but there's still room for a little more.

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