What to do if somebody breaks into your home

What to do if somebody breaks into your home

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - With the holiday season wrapping up, the Valdosta Police Department wants to remind community members of how they can remain safe if there is an intruder.

VPD said that people should keep a charged phone near them at all times.

If you hear someone breaking into your home, officers said you should yell out that you have contacted the police.

If presented with the opportunity to escape, do so, if not, lock the bedroom door and stay on the phone with police.

VPD said the majority of the time, burglars break-in when they think no one is home.

"Majority of people that are breaking into a home don't want contact with the homeowner, they want to steal some property and get out of there quick. In the event that they are not there to steal property, stay on the line with 911 and tell the dispatcher everything that you're seeing," explained Lieutenant Adam Bembry.

Valdosta police also said you should leave your porch lights on and turn a lamp on inside the home, so it is known that someone is home.

They also suggested that you trim down any bushes or trees that may block the view of the street.

And last but not least, officers said you should have 911 on standby.

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