Stores busy with returns post holiday

Stores busy with returns post holiday
Jason Kachelein is a Logistics Manager at Target. (Source: WALB)
Jason Kachelein is a Logistics Manager at Target. (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Christmas has passed, but many stores are still expecting to see a lot of customers through the first of the new year.

There are hundreds of people returning items they don't want and using gift cards they just received.

From the wrong size clothes and shoes to items that just aren't working, returning items after the holidays is more common than you may think.

"Just a lot of guests in the store and we try to get them in and out as quick as we can," said Target Logistics Manager Jason Kachelein.

For the next few days, Target is over-staffing to make sure the lines don't get too long.

"We have basically almost all the registers at the service center staffed to get them in and out as quickly as we can because we know they don't like to wait," explained Kachelein.

If you have your receipt with you, employees said it will make the process much quicker. If not, have your license or the card you paid with handy.

"If you got it as a gift we can basically do a no receipt look up that way. Just have your ID," said Kachelein.

And if you have an item that just isn't working, it can be exchanged.

"If something isn't working and we have it in stock, we can do an even exchange on it. If not, then we will do the return until we get it back in stock," said Kachelein.

Be prepared if you're going into the stores in the next few days. Employees said they usually have a lot of shoppers as well.

"A lot of guests like to use their gift cards that they got as Christmas presents," explained Kachelein.

But managers said it quiets down shortly after, when people make resolutions to spend less money.

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