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Disabled teen attacked on camera by classmates

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A hearing-impaired teenager says she was attacked by classmates because of her disability and because of who she is dating.

Jaqueline Flournoy was attacked at Maynard Jackson High School last month and the incident was recorded on cell phone camera. One student is seen pulling her hair while another does a windmill before striking Flournoy across the face.

"I feel hurt and emotionally embarrassed," said Flournoy. "I don't know why I feel embarrassed but, you know, I feel pain and hurt. Some of the things that they said, they replay in mind."

Flournoy believes she was bullied because she's hearing impaired and she has a white boyfriend.

Watch video of the incident

Mother says she's seeing no results

Her mother complained to administrators and a tribunal hearing was held last week but she has no idea what happened next.

"I don't know if there's been an expulsion. I don't know if they've been suspended. I don't know if they get to come back to the school in the beginning. I know nothing," said Jaqueline's mother, Kimberly Flournoy.

The school sent a statement saying officials quickly addressed the issue. 

CBS46 took a look at the Atlanta Public Schools student handbook and there are different levels of discipline for assault and fighting. For bullying, students will get, at minimum, one day of school suspension. The maximum is five days. The handbook also says criminal charges could be filed.

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