Lee Co. public safety greets thousands at state championship game

Lee Co. public safety greets thousands at state championship game
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LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Lee County public safety and law enforcement departments prepared all week long for the large crowds at Friday nights state championship high school football game.

"You we're rooting for those good ol' Trojans, right here, right here, right here, we're taking it home baby, we're taking it home!" a fan shouted.

The excitement was pouring out from the fans of the two rival teams.

With emotions running high, law enforcement was standing by to keep everyone safe, regardless of who they're rooting for.

"Be courteous and respectful and that should prevent us from having any major events," Lee County Public Safety Director, Wesley Wells remarked.

His department was prepared to handle the more than 8000 fans who would be cheering on their teams: Lee County Trojans versus Coffee High Trojans.

"The medical standpoint is our greatest concern," Wells added.

With extra hands on deck for the event, his team watched for traffic jams and ensured the stadium didn't reach capacity.

"I came from Jacksonville, Florida so I didn't have a problem," Coffee High fan, Djuan Smith remarked.

"To really get out here with the fire marshals pre-week and really make sure we enough seating capacity," Lee Co. High fan, Preston Lowther added.

But many were disappointed they couldn't enjoy it at the Mercedes Benz stadium.

"I was sad because I wanted to go to the Benz  But it's still a great opportunity to host it at Lee County.  It's a great monument for our city and our town," two Lee High School students explained.

It also gave fans another chance to support the players who've worked hard for this moment.

"We wanted to go to the Benz but it's not about the Benz, it's about the kids," Coffee High fan, Jennifer Johnson remarked.

"They've really shown out for these guys to let them know they love them," Lowther added.

"This is what brings us together, sports," Smith explained.

Lee County public safety and law enforcement will be out patrolling the areas around the stadium until the last person leaves the parking lot.


Lee County leaders said the game would put the town on the map.

The Chamber of Commerce explained local businesses geared up for the large crowds all week.

With both teams selling 4,000 tickets each, staff anticipated more than 8000 fans to cram into Lee County High School's football stadium.

The Chamber's President, Winston Oxford, said there hasn't been this much excitement since the railroad was built back in the 1850's.

"This will be a good learning experience for us you might say for bigger things to come. And I say bigger things to come, it can't get much bigger than this. Unless we have Luke Bryan at our first concert at the amphitheater but we're excited about this," Oxford remarked.

Staff with the Chamber hope many of the fans who've traveled as far as Jacksonville, and of course Coffee County and Douglas, will come back to visit and see what Lee County has to offer.

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