Intricate designs a cornerstone of Victorian Era architecture

Intricate designs a cornerstone of Victorian Era architecture

THOMASVILLE, GA (WTXL) - During the late Victorian era, a unique style of architecture flourished, with the Queen Ann architecture being a prominent style for some buildings in south Georgia.

While it was an old practice of building well before our time, it is still seen around the city today.

One example is the Lapham-Patterson house, with its fish scale shingles and unique porch decor.

Maintenance and building something like this today can be a bit difficult.

"Being able to do the colors, and to be able to maintain a wood structure like that, with so many parts of it that can be difficult to access. It required a lot of work. There is a lot of intricate corners, intricate designs, and without question, the maintenance of it and the upkeep is extraordinarily expensive and complicated," said Ephraim Rotter, a curator at the Thomas County Museum of History.

The Lapham-Patterson house was named a national historic landmark in 1975.

It is in the 600 block of Dawson Street in Thomasville.

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