Colquitt Co. community hopes for high attendance at championship game

Colquitt Co. community hopes for high attendance at championship game
(Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)

COLQUITT CO., GA (WALB) - The relocation of several state championship games has caused quite the controversy among fans and teams.

Colquitt County Packer fans will now be traveling to the home turf of their matchup instead of the highly anticipated Mercedes Benz Stadium.

The Road Hawgs that were bound for the Benz are taking a 40-mile detour. They are now bound for the North Gwinnett High Stadium.

A change many in Colquitt County aren't very happy about.

"Knowing the Mercedes Benz December 9th, there has been pictures and things on the wall and handouts and things like that. Kids and kids, when they got the news, they were upset," said Head Coach Rush Propst.

For Coach Propst, he's worried about the turnout of fans. Going from a stadium that holds 70,000 people to North Gwinnett Stadium that can only hold about 6,000 people.

"First of all, there is no way you should ever play a state championship game when there are only six or 7,000 people sitting at the game. You can't justify that," said Propst.

Propst said the Packer football players are depending on their community to show up.

Some folks have expressed concern about having to pack up and head to north Georgia once again, saying the cost of making the trip twice really adds up.

An average hotel goes for about a $100 (x2).

Several tanks of gas will put you, at average, $60 (x2).

And then, of course, any extra expenses like food.

But for other fans, none of that matters.

"We made these shirts specifically for that game. Even though we sold a lot of shirts, I'm pretty sure people still think, 'Okay. It's the championship game we are going to support our packers,'" said Co-Owner Fatboi Fresh Designs Josephine Smith.

The Colquitt County community said they are still going to stand behind their team, cheering them on at the game.

For Packer fans and Moultrie, this game means more than just a state championship, to them it means carrying on the tradition of a successful football town.

"Went to all the games. Even the 7 on 7, so we're always supporting the packers. It's a family tradition. Go Pack," said Kelvie Johnson with Edwards Tax Service.

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