ASU to re-evaluate and revamp curriculum

ASU to re-evaluate and revamp curriculum
Faculty will be heavily involved in the changes, according to ASU officials. (Source: WALB)
Faculty will be heavily involved in the changes, according to ASU officials. (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Officials at Albany State University are looking to strengthen academics to better fit the needs of the evolving work-force.

On Thursday, the university announced it is setting a new vision for its academic curriculum.

It works in a few phases.

First officials will identify the strengths at the school right now. For example, supply chain management is an area where students are graduating from and immediately getting hired.

Next, officials will analyze what kind of talent demand employers are looking for. What credentials do they want? what kind of training do students need before applying?

Once that is complete officials will look at the findings and see how they can incorporate them into the university's current programs.

Members of the faculty, administration, a few students and even members of the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce have formed a committee to give input during the process.

The group will be working closely with the University System of Georgia's Chief Innovation Officer Art Recesso. He's been studying today's workforce, looking at what kinds of jobs it has, and what kind of people businesses are looking to hire.

Recesso said in Georgia and nationwide, logistics, information technology and healthcare are the largest growing career fields.

"In a sense, what it is is bringing these high demand career opportunities and direct alignment with their curriculum and programs and just creating greater assurance that they can, first of all, know about, and get on the pathway to these high-demand careers," explained Recesso.

Recesso will continue to compile his team's findings about job needs to the committee who will be working to see how the university can prepare students for evolving jobs.

"This is something most universities in the country are trying to figure out. So what we are doing is trying to do a lot of the legwork to figure out where the best opportunities are that match well with the institution and help bring that to fruition," said Recesso.

Recesso said he is working with several other universities as well.

That includes Kennesaw State, Georgia State as well as the University of Georgia.

No changes are being made immediately as far as the courses and majors at ASU.

On Thursday, officials simply announced they've begun the process to improve academics.

We'll likely learn more details about changes to the curriculum in the next few months.

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