VPD officers to start carrying Narcan Nasal Spray

VPD officers to start carrying Narcan Nasal Spray

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - A South Georgia police department is going the extra mile to save lives.

The Valdosta Police Department is giving every officer a spray that can help offset an overdose.

It's called Narcan Nasal Spray.

The spray is used to stop overdoses caused by opioids in particular.

Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress said that while some negative feedback points out that the spray would only enable drug users to continue using, he said that VPD's main concern is to save lives.

"If we're responding to a call where someone is suffering from some type of medical condition, even from an opioid overdose, our job is to save their life," explained Childress.

If an officer responds to an overdose call, that person will be turned over to multiple programs to help them with their drug usage or addiction.

Childress stated that Valdosta's problem is not as large as it is in other areas, but he does not want to wait until the city is in crisis mode before giving officers the tool to use.

Narcan is expected to be given out to officers on December 20.

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