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WARNING: Don't fall for counterfeit Rose Bowl tickets


The biggest game in Georgia Football in years is just weeks away, but be warned...your ticket to the Rose Bowl might be fake. 

One couple we spoke to has been scammed not once, but twice on tickets to UGA football games this year. 

The Dawgs are one step closer to the National Championship. As long as you're at the Rose Bowl, you probably don't care how you get there, but where you get a ticket is extremely important. 

Ticket offices are your safest bet. Some tickets straight from the box office are hitting upwards of almost $2,000 right now, which is sending people to the secondary market. Here's the problem: that's the market where people can sell you short. These tickets look real, but they're fake. That's how good these scammers are.

"They promised we would get it, then they said, 'you'll receive it five business days before.' You know, we never got it," said Adrianna Warnell, the victim of a ticket scam. 

The diehard fans were scammed. The next time around, they got a little smarter. 

"We asked them to send pictures of the ticket, because that way if there's any code on it, you can call whoever and verify it," Warnell said. 

Only to find out...someone pulled a fast one on them yet again. 

"We sent that picture to the Notre Dame ticket office and they were like, 'No, that's not real,' Gordon Warnell said. 

How easily someone can make a ticket copy, they say, is unreal. 

"It's alarming. It really is, because people can do so much with computers as far as digital imaging, printing, and all this stuff. You can get this paper at Office Depot," Warnell said. 

A representative from StubHub says he sees it all the time. 

"If a deal online seems too good to be true, it probably is," said Cameron Papp, StubHub Communications Manager. 

Papp gave us some tips for avoiding scams: 

  • Never buy off the street nor pay cash. At least with a card, you can track the transaction. 
  • Make sure the website has a customer service number
  • Be careful when posting pictures of your ticket on social media

"I know when people buy tickets, they want to share with their friends that they're going to the game. We certainly encourage that, but you have to keep in mind, these tickets do have barcodes, and they can be duplicated," Papp said. 

Even those the Warnells have been conned twice this year, they say you can catch them in Pasadena; they wouldn't miss it for the world. 

"If you have the opportunity to go to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity game and you love college football, places like the Rose Bowl and Notre Dame Stadium are definitely worth the risk."

If you have already gotten a ticket, make some calls to triple check that the ticket is real before heading out to Pasadena. If you're still ticket shopping online, you can find more information here

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