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Son carries on father's legacy, family tradition as Dawgs ultimate fan

(Source: Trent Woods) (Source: Trent Woods)

“I knew I had to be ready before that last stroke of paint was on his head because at that time he was going with or without me,” said Trent Woods.

It’s a family tradition that began three generations ago.

“I’d say the first time she did it probably took her two and a half hours, easy,” Woods said.

Trent Woods remembers those fall Saturdays in Athens cheering on the Dawgs with one of the biggest fans ever: his dad.

“Yeah, I grew up a Dawgs fan. I didn’t know there was a choice,” Woods said. “I thought that was what you were supposed to be. If that’s where you grew up, you’re supposed to be a Dawgs fan and I knew if I wasn’t, I might not be such a good family member anymore.”

But in January of this year, the Woods family suffered a great defeat.

“It’s been a tough road this season,” Woods said.

Mike “Big Dawg” Woods passed away after a massive heart attack.

“Maybe Dad needed to go up to heaven and be with my grandfather so they could kind of convert God to kind of role the tide to the Dawgs and let it be our turn,” Woods said. “My grandfather just needed a little extra help.”

And without missing a beat, Trent Woods chose to carry on his dad’s legacy: painting a bulldog on his head.

“It’s a way for me to honor my father,” he said.

And at the first game this season, Bulldog Nation welcomed him with open arms.

“I was like, ‘thank you so much for not just caring about some random guy, by my dad’ and that it meant that much to ya’ll,” Woods said.

And through it all, the Dawgs are SEC Champions with a chance to win it all, breathing new life into a family tradition unlike any other.

“I get to go every Saturday and to listen to, hear something new about my father and how much he meant to other people and what a great man he was, not just for painting his head, but for so many other great things.”

And he gets to carry on that tradition at the grandaddy of them all, The Rose Bowl, after the family was gifted two tickets to watch the Dawgs take on the Oklahoma Sooners on New Year's Day. 

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