Law enforcement speaks out after recent inmate escapes

Law enforcement speaks out after recent inmate escapes

(WALB) - Several inmates in South Georgia are back behind bars after short-lived escapes from prison or jail.

On Thursday, Tyler Brook escaped from the Decatur County prison with the help of his fiancé.

Brook was out on work detail when he escaped.

Friday morning, Donald Davis, also on work detail but in Coffee County, was able to escape.

Law enforcement agencies in South Georgia said it's important to always be looking for enhanced security measures to prevent inmates from walking out.

"If an inmate leaves a facility it creates several problems, you have the escape risk, the contraband risk. We're very fortunate here that an inmate leaves either only for court or a medical emergency only," said Capt. Steve Jones, with the Thomas County Sheriff's Office.

Those who help inmates escape from prison or jail are charged with aiding the escapee.

Depending on a judge's sentence, an inmate can serve up to an additional 10 years for an escape.

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