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S.C residents can use gas receipts for tax credit soon

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South Carolina residents, the next time you stop at the gas pump make sure you hit "yes" for a receipt. Soon, you'll be able to use those receipts for credit on your income taxes.

 Starting in January, you can use those receipts to claim a new motor fuel tax credit.  This is for state income returns for 2019. The new gas credit comes as a result of the state gas tax increase from last summer. Earlier this year, lawmakers raised the gas tax by two cents a year for six years, totaling 12 cents. 

This credit is going to be used to offset those extra costs.

Up to two cars are eligible for the credit. Motorcycles are included. 

Fuel purchased outside of the state cannot be included.

Receipts must include the number of gallons purchased. 

Preventative maintenance like oil changes and new tires can also be included. 

The form you need to use is I-385 which will be available in 2019.

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