Clinch County Panthers looking for a repeat of 2015

Clinch County Panthers looking for a repeat of 2015
Jim Dickerson and the Clinch County Panthers (Source: WALB)

HOMERVILLE, GA (WALB) - The Clinch County Panthers are reflecting.

They've come far this year, but know the real celebration comes after this weekend.

"You know we've got to win this game in order to do it, we've got to prepare," said head coach Jim Dickerson to his team."Lets get started right here guys."

And to ensure everyone is ready for the state championship, Senior John Mincey says his team is all business.

"Everybody is focused not really any joking around," said Mincey. "Coaches focused. Working hard in our position drills and all that trying to get everything executed how its supposed to be."

And that execution is something Dickerson says is going to be crucial facing the Irwin County Indians.

"If we can play a near flawless game, we may be in the game late and have a chance," said Dickerson.

Dickerson says mistakes are part of the reason why his team lost 21-7 to Irwin County back in September.

His players say the early season loss helped them get better.

"Good motivation really," said Mincey. "We just learned from our is takes in the first game and correct them really."

That's something the Panthers have been putting to work for a long time.

Clinch and Irwin also met up in the 2015 Single A-Public championship, but the Panthers walked away with the win.

"Every team strives to get there," said Dickerson. "We have been very fortunate as they have. Its just been a good year for us so far."

And soon Dickerson and his players will see if that good year, extends one more weekend.

Kickoff is scheduled for 10 a.m. Saturday at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

All state championship games will be broadcast on Georgia Public Broadcasting.

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