Thomas University meets 5 of 6 accreditation concerns

Thomas University meets 5 of 6 accreditation concerns

THOMAS CO., GA (WALB) - College accreditation officials are reviewing information from Thomas University that was provided in response to a warning the accrediting agency issued to TU last year.

The university met five of the six concerns the agency wanted the school to address.

There is still one program left that is under review and that is TU's programs in partnership with universities in China.

On Tuesday, at a meeting in Dallas, Texas, Thomas University leaders met with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Committee on Colleges (SACSCOC) to review information provided by the school after a warning the accrediting agency issued to TU.

In December 2016, the committee continued TU's accreditation but required the university to make changes to meet its standards in six areas.

At this meeting, the accrediting agency officials approved the changes in five areas.

However, they did not spell out those details about China saying they will address them in a letter that TU administrators will receive in January 2018.

"It's important to remember that Thomas University is still accredited by SACSCOC," said TU President Dr. Andy Sheppard. "Our faculty, staff and administrators have worked diligently to make the changes SACSCOC requested last year, and SACSCOC officials are happy with those changes. Once we get the SACSCOC letter in January explaining the specific feedback on our China programs, we'll work with our partners there to develop a plan to address any areas of concern."

TU partners with universities in China to offer bachelor's degrees in nursing and business to students at those universities. Sheppard said that it's possible SACSCOC may send a delegation to China to visit TU's programs at the partner universities.

TU's SACSCOC accreditation remains in place. The SACSCOC warning does not affect TU's other accreditations by other agencies for specific programs.

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