10 months after the storm: Dougherty Co. couple details miraculous story of survival

10 months after the storm: Dougherty Co. couple details miraculous story of survival
Betty and Calvin Hamilton (Source: WALB)
Betty and Calvin Hamilton (Source: WALB)
County Commissioner Anthony Jones (Source: WALB)
County Commissioner Anthony Jones (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - One Dougherty County couple was thrown yards from their home by a deadly tornado in January.

On Friday afternoon, the couple shared their miraculous story of strength and resilience 10 months later.

"Where you see the steps is where our original front door was, and we had a porch so we are working on getting the porch rebuilt," Betty Hamilton pointed out.

Nearly a year later, Betty and Calvin Hamilton are taking it one day at a time after their home was reduced to rubble.

The two said they're grateful to live to tell their miraculous story of survival.

"We've just been blessed and thank God to be alive, that's all," said Betty.

Betty recalled the scary afternoon on January 22, when a deadly tornado threw her and her husband Calvin 50 feet from their home.

"I could hear the house coming apart and we were spinning at that time, I just closed my eyes and prayed," explained Betty.

Betty walked away lucky, with minor head and foot injuries.

"We also had trees all along that driveway, right along there, they're all gone," Calvin explained.

County Commissioner Anthony Jones said the storm impacted more than 50 percent of people in Dougherty County.

"We have covered a lot of ground here as far as climbing back into the recovery phase, and these folks are resilient," said Jones.

And much of that is thanks to thousands of volunteers.

"They lent a hand and they helped get us back on track," Jones added.

The Hamiltons may have lost their first home and their sycamore trees, but today they cherish being alive.

"Practically back to normal, I just tell everybody it's a house in progress," Betty explained.

The Hamiltons said it took seven months before they could move into their new home.

Jones said there's been a recovery team on the ground since that deadly tornado touched down earlier this year.

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