Hahira officials search for solutions in food truck petition

Hahira officials search for solutions in food truck petition

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Hahira restaurant owners have signed a petition to regulate food trucks after the Honeybee Festival ends.

That petition was a request for an ordinance to regulate the operation of food trucks, but mobile food truck owners disagree with the ordinance proposal, which they said would limit their opportunity to sell.

City Manager Jonathan Sumner said Hahira has never had a problem like this, but gladly welcomes it.

He said that although food trucks have no rules or regulations in place for an issue of this nature, that they have been reviewing neighboring cities to see their food truck regulations.

City officials said they are researching permits, inspections and registration fees.

Sumner said this is a good problem to have because it means the city is growing.

"One thing is clear, it's a very popular service and something that I believe that our citizens are interested in," said Sumner. "So, the process of trying to balance that and listen to everyone involved has been I think really what government is all about."

Sumner said Hahira's population has grown by at least 68 percent and with that growth, comes business expansion. He also said that the issue has created a great opportunity for open dialogue.

The city plans to continue researching ways that will allow both businesses to co-exist without further issue.

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