Hahira residents break bread together to honor community humanitarian

Hahira residents break bread together to honor community humanitarian
Humanitarian Eula Lane Copeland (Source: WALB)
Humanitarian Eula Lane Copeland (Source: WALB)

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - No matter the background, occupation or skin color, people need food to survive and community members in Hahira use food to thrive.

"Love is the beginning and end of everything," is a motto that the family of Eula Lane Copeland has lived by since she passed away three years ago.

Eula was known as one of the great humanitarians of the Hahira community, she ran a soup kitchen that fed people from the rich to the poor. Her mission was to show people she loved them through food.

"Sometimes love and being able to feed someone is all they need to lift their spirits up and to know that they can persevere through whatever they may be going through," said Eula's granddaughter Shayla London.

After running a soup kitchen for 17 years, Eula stopped once her health declined, but she continued to cook for city workers.

Patrol Sergeant Douglas Robinson said that coming together makes their community stronger.

"I would recommend for all cities to come together as one, one community. It's very important, especially to have that tight nitch because you never know what could happen or can happen in a city. It takes all of us to come together and be one," said Robinson.

Eula's family said this is only the beginning.

"This is something that happens in Hahira, and will continue, they expect and look for this, so this is something we will always do," said London.

"She's gone, but we're here, keeping her alive. Her legacy is always here in our hearts," said Eula's daughter Ouita Lane.

Eula Copeland's family also handed out gift bags to senior citizens and children. They said their mission is to make sure Eula's life mission wasn't in vain.

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