What next?: Knowing what to do after a vehicle break-in

What next?: Knowing what to do after a vehicle break-in

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Valdosta police are fighting against what they are calling an alarming rate of car break-ins.

The city of Valdosta has calculated roughly 600 vehicle break-ins this year alone.

But what do you do after a break-in?

The Valdosta Police Department said that if you have had property stolen, you should check your local pawn shops.

"It's very common for when people do have property stolen to go out and check the pawn shops themselves," said Lieutenant Adam Bembry. "Again, they've helped us out several times, 'Hey that's my property, I can identify it, it's got these various scratches on it...' that sort of thing, again pawn shops are not out to buy stolen property, they're wanting to do good business."

VPD also recommends that people take everything out of their vehicle.

If the car looks like it has valuables in it or bags of some sort, thieves will think it is worth the risk.

If you see anyone or anything out of the norm in your neighborhood you should contact police.

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